To a Convertee !

In the darkness of night
And the day light, i saw
Eloise becoming Marium
With the wind blowing from the west
I saw Eloise prostrating
In the moonlight i saw Eloise’s glowing face

Turning Down

When the tides of river PUSH you ..

When your feet diddle at the peaks of the rocks .. 

When the perishing wind tries to GET over you .. 

In such way,don't feel like defeated .. 

as the history of ours is, 

unaware of defeats, loss, disappointment and turning back


In the utter cold nights of December
A dream was seen coming to life 
when the pouring rain falls
destiny saw him coming towards it
when it was utter dark night

as a hand cannot see the other
that empyrean saw him coming towards defeat in his red tumid eyes