On your way !

When the way to your terminus vanishes ..
When the solitariness in your way spifflicates you ..
In that respect, pissing off to your sincere ones is a sin ..
In that manner,lay a new way with your scarlet eyes..

Blogger Award ^_^

I'm honored as Stand Alone gave me my first blogger award ^_^ .. 

I say thanks to Stand Alone for this award :)

Our first 'confrontation' !

I might, i might struggled to convince .. 
But now forthwith, you stutter in front of the silence of mine .. 
That night, that night you were rising .. 
Today, today you're screaming for rescue..

When efforts go down
When prayers lose its vividness
When backing off gets inevitable
When wailing is of no use
In that way,strengths of the backs were testing
In that way,retreat is an enemy's delight
In that way fighting on toes will be a self rescue
In that way, prayers to be supported by actions