I abused and then ..

This pic is taken in the consequence of the 'wtf' I wrote on my notebook .. and after that I felt 'alarming' .. Really ?? I'm *confused* suchiii mein ..   when I was taking my embedded systems course early in the morning ..It was totally boring lecture ..really ^_^ .. Yaqeen karlo mera pha-leez :(
Even Sir called my name and asked me to listen to him for just few minutes .. :P and then I said like WTF I'm doing today .. It was a 'self-abuse' :P Look people abuse themselves too :D But 'WTF' wow .. Is it justifiable ? haan na? eeee :D So officially we've started abusing now :P .. Interesting ? *hehe* ..
This was the thing I hated the most .. and now I use it frequently .. Why ? bhala duniya mein something ever happens randomly ? No ?? Yoooo .. you're right .. Every thing happens for a reason .. Great ! now we've *mutafaiq-ed* on one common 'point' .. SMILE *wearing cap* .. So so so .. Reason batao fahad yaar Sorry for all the irrelevant bakwas :P.. and the Reason is 'WTF' is somehow became 'glamorous' .. *confused* ?? meri har baat pay na ? :( Glamorous means .. 'nudity' .. 'vulgarity' .. and the thing that 'attracts' you and 'steals' your 'heart beat' .. *Wink* ;) so our nature catches glamorous things very so often.
But we, you and I don't even know that by following this tradition .. We're falling off in our own eyes. Nahi ? Maan lo na pha-leez .. :P
ME too obviously .. sad na ?? :( But kia kiya jay ? LET'S CRY ? Nahi ? So Let's 'design' our compaign against these 'glamorous abuses'..
Agreed ?? Now how ? Pick up a pencil and paper and write those stuff that force you to abuse ..
Like 'Frustration' nahi ? It happens na ? Yes I knew .. Look I'm smart na ^_^ .. and then focusing on the 'lame' stuff that has nothing to do with our 'cause' .. and after committing that we 'abuse' .. hena ? yaaay .. Now we've discovered some stuff that is out of box .. Look You're capable of launching a hunting expedition ^_^ .. akhir hum 'shikaar' he to kar rahay hein na ? :D
ab ? What to do ? Now note down the things that you would recall in order to give 'suggestions'
to your brain that this 'stuff' is 'harmful' for you .. What suggestions ?? now 'WTF' is this ? :P hawww phir gaali :P Bad bad :P ..
If you keep on saying something or somestuff with a low tune or frequency .. your brain starts accepting it ..
and it 'obeys' what you've said before .. Resulting the 'programmed' brain what we call in Software thingy ..
That's how you train your brain to let you stay away yourself from F*** thingy .. phew :P .. and that's how I worked years before ..
but now I'm lazy enough to work on it .. :D
Hope you won't follow it .. as all this stuff was bakwas or 'bongi' .. :D