Follow the 'path'

Once upon a time, i was on a trip to northern areas. We went for hiking,there were glaciers,rocks etc. When i was supposed to cross the glacier. 
There were two paths, one that was followed my fellow hikers and the local residents who know the significance of that path, second was the path i thought to be more easier but i got slipped and terrified. Then i realized that the path that was made by local residents should be followed as they know how to cross the glacier .. 
Similarly this world is made by God, so we have to follow the path that was chosen for us by Him. 
If we want to 'cross' this world with ease.

People who loose their 'credit' !

There are many people who do good and who want to do good, but what happens to them ?? why they don't seem to us ??
Because they loose their credit, after doing good work they just regret on that or they just turn their heads back and finally getting no rewards on it, and if this happens, their self confidence vanishes and next time they don't try to work on good deeds, making life miserable for themselves and I am included in the list of those people too :) So do not regret on your good deeds.

'God knows the best' !