Lust and Girls

You look so sexy while you open your hair .. You may have listened to this phrase from your friend many times before as she would have told you about her boyfriend. Nahi ?? Probably yes. But, have you ever imagined about the consequences of these sentences? Your friend goes into the dilemma of whether she has to follow her traditions or make her boyfriend happy. Eventually, making her boyfriends ‘day’. We live in the society, where ‘saraab’ looks so glooming. Girls falling into the boyfriends’ demand is a common ‘practice’ and that is the day when innocence is beaten by ‘sexiness’.
            Probably, we blame girls wearing scarf, abaya or duppata. Me too belongs to those ‘liberals’. But we should accept that girls look innocent in those clothings. Nahi ?Cool but, I think like that. The story of love that was started from the carings of a boy ends up there when a girl ‘prepares’ herself for her boyfriend. She finally loses her innocence. For me, when she starts doing her hair straightens, and then tighten hair becomes puff. Then lose dresses become skin tight. Why ? Because, their boyfriend asks for that.
           What kind of love is this ? That asks you to show off your ‘inner self’ ? Probably, it is a lust. The day when he asks you for that, start thinking for what he is asking for.. Back off and find another one. You would be able to find many. Trust me or else, he will ‘use’ you for ‘that’ purpose and after when he will ditch you, you would have only tears to en company with.

There are some mistakes that are not worthy to be forgotten. This is the reason of the breakups of nowadays relations. Stick to your traditions and standards. Everything is fair in war and love but this is not a love, this is a lust. A vulgar lust that has a purpose to play with your emotions and feelings and then backing off. Stay happy, middle finger to the ones who use you for lust.
Cheers girls and try to live ‘your’ own life.