When efforts go down
When prayers lose its vividness
When backing off gets inevitable
When wailing is of no use
In that way,strengths of the backs were testing
In that way,retreat is an enemy's delight
In that way fighting on toes will be a self rescue
In that way, prayers to be supported by actions


r.alsharif said...

That says everything perfectly. I can relate to how you're feeling and it's confusing. I think this may be my favorite poem of yours.

Fahad said...

Thank you =] I just wrote it randomly.

Zeba said...

So true. And so well put.

Fahad said...

Thank you zeba :)

- Sugar Cube - said...

Nice..a very diff way of looking at things :)

Fahad said...

Thank you sugar cube .. your appreciation means a lot to me =]