Ditch those who left you !!

I never understood the true purpose of 'sad poetry' and articles full of tears written by some of bloggers but my 'stewpid' brain can just perceive that the only reason for this is, when someone gets ditched in love, he or preferably 'she' starts writing 'rondo' poetry -.- So my today's article is 'against' girls :P who spoil themselves just because of one person who used them like a tissue paper ..
               Umm .. wait wait.. you might be thinking that 'shaid' I also got dumped by 'someone' :P Normally boys don't do 'that' stupid things as it is supposed to be stick to girls :P  .. twitter forced me to be a blogger as everyone there has a blog  .. 
                Therefore Let's 'rag' the psyche of girls who act weird ..  If somebody or any 'boy' has desolate you, don't waste your time by flowing out your tears.. He would be pleased that you have made him special by flowing out your tears and in that consequence losing off your skills that would benefit your sincere ones .. Thus its time for you to take .. Its time for you to ditch him off .. or if you ain't able to do that .. be what he stopped you from being .. you are so sweet in your self.. 
I'll just say..  
Stand up ..  
you have got to manage  
Life doesn't end up on a single crap .. Find out another one :P .. Whenever he comers up to your mind, use your middle finer ^_^ 
It is you 'who is responsible for this 'condition' not he .. Do not make yourself victim of sufferance and learn the art of 'don't care' .. -.-

My bakwas ends up here :P


Cяystal said...

Hahaha though I disagree on most points, I can't help laughing on the way you interpret 'sad poetry' :D
See, sometimes showing the middle finger is not the easiest thing to do. and seeking love again is not halwaa, Once bitten,twice shy!
Anyway .. thanks for the follow!

-Fahad Naeem- said...

yeah, you're free to disagree as almost all of people do :P
P.S I'm pissed of this 'lut gaye mar gaye piyar mein' :P
and the loving of a person who left us isn't the 'true love'.