At the beginning !!

He was imagining his defeat
yet, the hope continued to prevail
was requiring a desperate rescue,
as the final whistle blew
and the man who always rescued others from drowning
couldn't get a rescue from the elite
nevertheless,started crying by keeping his head on his thighs !! 


r.alsharif said...

'and the man who always rescued others from drowning, couldn't get a rescue from the elite.' That's deep. Sounds like it was spoken from the soul.

Love said...

awwwww! why does this happen:( but wat the hell!:D

good going! Keep up and u r from pind! :DDDDDD ik ajeeb sa rishta hai pindi se mera!:D

Be good!

Fahad said...

When we do poetry it always came from soul, weather it comes because of the ditch of out love or getting lost on our way to our destination @r.alsharif :)

and this happens when we do not chase our dreams :) @love

Anonymous said...

defeat is not the part but what u learn a lesson after defeating that is worth ful :)

Fahad said...

but what about when you lose your senses, all the learnt lessons blow off ! :S

Zeba said...

Wow. Aren't you a poetic kid! :-)

Let me know what all books you have bought. And I really hope that you like the ones I recommend. You will break my heart if you don't. :-( But no pressure. Ha.

Nostalgic said...

Wow. Commendable narration!

Fahad said...

Zeba: Well I just searched for 'All my friends are superheroes' but when i couldn't find it, i left searching :S
and I am not poet, I just let ted words to flow :$

Nostalgic: Thank you for your appreciation, I really get motivate from you people :)

Felicity said...

naaaaice...really nice :)

p.s. now that you've mentioned it, i think i really do use the word 'vicinity' a lot :P

Fahad said...

haha what;s naaaice in it ??

p.s reply to my comment in your post :P not in mine :P but you use 'vicinity' a lot, its true :D

Felicity said...

You dissected my entire blog :D

Fahad said...

It was just a trailer :P was waiting for your next 'appropriate' post :P other than 'black swan' :P