Why we ???

Many of us complain about other mortals surrounding us as having a negative mentality or pessimism .. But we never thought that why one thinks negatively or what makes him to think like that .. Resulting optimists fighting a war against pessimists.. Haww inay baday ho kar bhi ladai ?? Shame shame :P

I am a pessimist unfortunately. I regret *as I always do after doing bad* :P but no optimist ever tried to change me as ‘dafa karo dobnay do hamara kia jata hai’ :P ..

 I, we and the pessimists think negatively when continuously same things happen again and again resulting in shun.  Optimists have better capability to abide so because of this sustainability optimists are optimists. Whilst as no human is same by face by heart same as no one is same by means of encephalon. So could you please help pessimists in sorting off or ‘mitti pau’ as you will say by your heart after reading this post  :P

A pessimist :P


Asma Khan said...

Hmmm if I try to solve the matter of any pessimist, then "ya tou woh theek ho jata hai ya mujhe sey tang aa jata hai, bhaee jaan choro :P

Fahad said...

Its mean you don't know the art of commuting :P Mera to koi matter solve karnay ka sochta b nahi :( bus people just criticize me =(

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Mitti pau.


Yar pessimists are donkeys.
Reference;The donkey named Eeyore in the Winnie The Pooh cartoon series.

I find it useless arguing with a pessimist. They NEVER see the brighter side of the moon.=D

Felicity said...

I'm a pessimist..a BIG one at that. but that doesn't make me a donkey :P By NO means whatsoever :P regardless of whether the donkey in question is real or a cartoon character.

Fahad said...

Cheers dudes :P
hamza no offence, this is why we people are still pessimists :P

felicity well you are trying to be humble, i know you are a big big big optimist :) :P

Felicity said...

lol..what makes u say that? :P
i'm the biggest pessimist the world has ever happened to see. :D

Fahad said...

Well mam your posts and your comments :P .. and will see 'that world' together with :P

Felicity said...

lol..you just don't know me enough yet. :P

ps. it's uncanny how we're always online at the same time =s

Fahad said...

I just told you what i perceived :S
and perception changes by time

and mein kia kah sakta hun about *coming at same time* :S

Felicity said...

lol..just read the comment you left on my blog. :P

How could you possible know? and why the sad face? :P

Fahad said...

Umm i left that comment on ur blog coz i thought i was somehow rude in replying that comment :S
and i can possible say now that i really don't know why at the 'same time' =\

shaguftaabbas said...

Okay honestly. I read this twice but only one thing keeps on revolving in my mind. PESSIMIST.

I am one. :|
With a capital P.

Fahad said...

Is there any spelling mistake ?? :P
I am amazed that to whom i expected to criticize me .. are pessimists by themselves :D

Bree said...

You make a very convincing argument. :)

Btw thanks for the comment on my blog!

Following you now!

xoxo, Bree


Asma Khan said...

@Fahad: No, this not like this, I'm unaware of communicating art, Indeed I want to help pessimist very seriously & that thing irritated them... :/
OK you may tell me your problem, ya tou matter na rahy ga ya phr...... :P

Fahad said...

Bree: Thanks for the follow, I always try to make a convincing argument but fail ..

Asma: I won't die until Allah doesn't take 'work' from me what he wanted to take :P Surely will be having a detailed conversation on that :p

Asma Khan said...

@Fahad, I never meant this, either matter will solve or you will defiantly say bhaee jaan choro :)

Fahad said...

LOL, i got you was just kidding :) Thank you for sorting it out :)

- Sugar Cube - said...

Umm I think we just turn into either of the two depending on the occasions. I mean being an optimist is all good..but you've got to be practical too.
Sometimes being a pessimist can be good too. Your expectations are so less :P
Just be happy. That's what matters in the end ;) :D

Thx for dropping by :)

Fahad said...

Thanks for sharing your opinion :) That's what we all should be doing in our lives :)

spotlesssoul said...

Well if so-called optimists around you are NOT spreading the light they posses, then you perhaps need to 're-define' the term optimism.

As far the rest of post is concerned, I would just say that try not to let the negative thoughts get imprinted on your mind and heart, as it directly ruins and destroys the positive energy you posses. You are capable of doing a lot with what Allah has blessed you, would you like to do 'ziadti' with His blessings?

Fahad said...

The best part of your comment was ..
would you like to do 'ziadti' with His blessings?

but we eventually do the same thing with what we have hated.